Midnight Sun Brewing Company


This pours a dark brown color with hues of red at its base under good light. It produces nearly two fingers of frothy, tan colored head. Its retention is good and there’s signs of moderate lacing to come.


This has a pretty complex smell. Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cocoa all nibble at the nose. There are also faint notes of vanilla and ginger. The pumpkin notes, though mild, are fresh, delicate and clean. It’s an enticing bouquet for sure.


This has quite the flavor! First and foremost, it has the qualities of a porter we all enjoy. It’s malt base is especially strong and consistent from front to back. Starting up front, I’m greeted by a dynamic spice bill consisting of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and cocoa with just a tad of vanilla. The cocoa nibs are certainly more strong than the rest but are never disproportionate. As I transition, I find the roasted malt base setting the stage for a toasted pumpkin flavor. It’s created by some rooty pumpkin, an increase and sugar and a harmonious match with the spices. The finish and aftertaste provide a charred but enjoyable pumpkin porter flavor, as well as a nod at the booze included.


This is a full-bodied beer with mild carbonation. It’s got a great porter feel to it. Light texture combs the palate thanks to the spices, while the base character makes for a creamy, smooth feel all the way through.


Once again, TREAT delivers. It’s one of the best takes on a pumpkin porter available. Its balance is great, with all ingredients harmoniously working together, and its complexity is undoubtedly good. The cocoa and vanilla adds a nice distinction and the pumpkin is fresh tasting. It’s a delicious pumpkin option that should be tried by all, especially the porter fans out there.