Splashing Pumpkin

Great South Bay Brewery


This pours an amber color with a small, fizzing head. This reduces to an active surface coat that shows no signs of lacing. Its body is completely clear and shows off a mild amount of carbonation.


I get a fairly strong spice bill at the nose defined by cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and some faint notes of oak and fruit. There’s a mild pumpkin underbelly and no real distinct notes to suggest a base character just yet.


The experience starts with the spice bill which tends to follow the nose. Cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice are all present with the addition of clove. There’s faint notes of pumpkin on the palate but these are mostly overwhelmed by the spices. As I transition to the back, the base character surfaces and presents a well-balanced mix of malt and hops. There’s an increase in sweetness and an earthy, breach personality begins to take shape. The finish and aftertaste provide a little more bitterness. The latter half of the experience is the highlight.


This is a medium-bodied option with mild carbonation. There’s little in terms of texture and it’s quite drinkable. If anything, the back provides a mild stickiness that increases my interest.


This is a good pumpkin beer in that it’s fairly balanced and relies on a rock solid foundation. The back is quite nice and helps provide an autumnal feel even if there isn’t a massive amount of pumpkin involved.¬†While it won’t blow you away, it’s a harmonious, drinkable beer that will be liked by beer fans as much as, if not more than, pumpkin fans. In fact, I enjoy this slightly more than I recall from previous years.