Splashing Pumpkin

Great South Bay Brewery


This pours a completely clear amber color and makes about two fingers of white, fluffy head. It’s body shows off very mild carbonation, yet somehow delivers a lasting surface coat. There’s not much sign of lacing.


The strongest note at the nose seems to be clove. Cinnamon and nutmeg are clearly in the mix as well. While the spices are definitive, there’s a nice, somewhat subtle natural pumpkin undertone. Lastly, the base smells like a solid blend of hops and malts, perhaps leaning on the hoppy side.


The taste starts with a pleasant, mild pumpkin flavor, as well as an initial light coat of sugar. It seems quite natural, which make for a great introduction! I quickly find a foundation built around a well-balanced blend of hops and malts, as suggested by the nose. As I transition to the back, the pumpkin taste gives way to the spice bill, which quickly takes center stage, never again allowing the spotlight on anything else. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove are all present. Atop the base, these bring forward a more earthy and bright personality to the experience. The finish it a solid mix of pumpkin, spice, and a level blend of sweet and bitter. Quite frankly, while it may be a reserved experience compared to others’ taste, it delivers a more delightful taste than I remember from its past batches.


This is medium-bodied and delivers very mild carbonation to the palate. There’s a light texture that combs the throat at best. Most notable is a slightly sticky, fairly wet finish and aftertaste. It’s super drinkable.


I think this is the most impressed I’ve ever been by Great South Bay’s Splashing Pumpkin. The entire experience is not overly complex but it showcases a well-balanced, pumpkin-forward flavor that I could get behind any night. The pumpkin is it’s best quality, which says a lot considering there’s no real faults elsewhere. The only downsides would be that it is quite reserved – not super dynamic – and lacks a bit of effort in feel. But these are minor complaints, none of which hold it back from future purchase. Check this one out for a more sessionable pumpkin beer option.