Avery Brewing Company


The body is caramel in color and produces a brief, thin head that dissipates to nothing but a light layer of suds. The surface activity is kept alive by the heavy carbonation but doesn’t hint at any lacing to come.


The rum is present and immediate on the nose. Among the expected pumpkin spices are strong notes of ginger and allspice, with supplemental notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s a malt-driven aroma that seems to suggest a boozy taste to come.


As expected, a rum character acts as its foundation and seamlessly melts into the entire experience. The front is sweet and syrupy, driving home a sugary, malt-driven introduction. The spices waste no time hitting the palate and they bring forth a malty pumpkin flavor that builds as you move towards the back. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger are clearly involved. The back gives way to a slightly bready and more robust flavor. More impressive is the gradual increase of the bourbon, oak, and molasses profile. It should be mentioned that the booze level is undeniable. It’s noticeable from the beginning, but by the finish it sharply advises the palate that it’s in control of the back half of the experience. The finish is sweet, saturated with alcohol, and retains a moderate pumpkin flavor.


This is a medium-bodied beer with heavy carbonation. Though it has a light grain texture, it’s mostly smooth.  If the carbonation didn’t exist, this would be a much less enticing. The alcohol provides a warmth to round out the feel.


This tends to be a solid option each and every year, and this year is no different. It’s malt-heavy, complex, and, considering the immense injection of alcohol, it’s surprisingly well-balanced. It’s drinkability is also quite remarkable considering the ABV. That’s not to say you can expect to go through six, but you can certainly have more than just dessert with this one. As in years past, the only downside might be that it’s super sweet, and with such a high ABV, it can be a turnoff to indulge in such a sappy experience. I, however, appreciate it. It’s not fore everyone but if you’re looking for a high alcohol, sweet pumpkin pie in a glass, look no further.