Avery Brewing Company


This pours a completely clear, red-orange color and produces very little head. There’s a fizzing, off-white topper for about twenty seconds. I’m left with aa surface coat driven by moderate carbonation.


The nose is swarmed by a potent mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a hint of molasses. Beyond the spice bill I find solid notes of oak and alcohol, which takes an expected buttery character. It’s sweet and hefty smelling.


Up front I’m greeted by a strong spice bill on top. It follows the nose with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a molasses ingredient. Along the side of these is a mild but enjoyable pumpkin aspect. Though any fresh, vegetal quality is masked by the alcohol, it still is a tasty and noticeable pumpkin quality. As I transition, I take note of the base. It’s malt-driven character emphasizes a sweet foundation that supplements the pumpkin and spice. Of course the alcohol is the third and final act. While it’s present throughout the experience, it’s pristinely in focus in the back and into the finish. It’s quite boozy but still harmonious mixed. It has a buttery sugar character to it and is embodied by an oak aspect. The finish provides a satisfactory amount of booze and spice, while the resulting aftertaste stays warm and saturated with a woody, boozy pumpkin spice.


This is a medium-bodied beer and showcases moderate carbonation. It’s a syrupy texture. It’s silky, warm and provides just enough texture to keep the palate interested. Of course it’s also a bit sticky.


Avery delivers big on this one. It’s a complex, super well-balanced beer with distinct character formed around a noticeable pumpkin and the sweet oak and booze base. Considering its ABV it’s also astonishingly drinkable. Considering its complexity, it does a phenomenal job of retaining a pumpkin sensation. If anything, the booze might claw at some and the sweetness may at times overwhelm the palate. However these are minor hinderances. Well done, yet again.