Elysian Brewing Company


This pours a dark, dark brown color and produces a full finger of creamy, tan head. This sticks around for awhile, eventually resorting to a soft, swampy membrane that left signs of mild lacing.


The nose is engulfed by a cinnamon, sugar and coffee mixture. I also get faint notes of nutmeg, but clearly the brown sugar-like ingredient and coffee addition are front and center. That said, they don’t overpower the nose, nor the notes of a malty base. It smells quite nice! Rich and roasted!


What a flavor! Up front I get a spice bill consisting of cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. Married to these is a rich, roasted coffee flavor that starts small and gradually grows through the finish. Also present is a fresh tasting pumpkin. It’s mild but it stays evenly distributed throughout and accents the spices, the coffee addition and the base all quite well. As I move to the back, a chocolate sensation is concocted on my palate – yet another dynamic that is wonderful! The base is malt-driven, sweet and is strong enough to shoulder the complexity of the brew. The finish is sweet, malty and mostly driven by the combination of base malt and coffee.


This is a medium-bodied beer with mild carbonation. It looks a lot deeper than it feels. It’s creamy, lightly textured and mostly wet. It’s rich, slightly syrupy and saturating. It feels good all around.


Once again Elysian produces a great fall option. Punkuccino is always a treat. It’s fantastically balanced and quite complex. It’s flavors are strong, bold and simply exciting. Many beers work with chocolate and coffee but this one meshes the additional aspects with the staples so well it’s almost hard to discern the variety of ingredients. The only small request I’d have is to increase the natural pumpkin flavor a hair. It’s certainly present, but the coffee aspect tends to blanket it a bit. As much as I love the coffee approach, I recall pumpkin being a bit more apparent in the past. Nevertheless, this is a great pumpkin beer. It’s worth every penny.