Pumple Drumkin

Cisco Brewers


This pours a completely clear, copper-orange color and produces a finger of fluffy, white head. It showcases signs of decent lacing and a mild carbonation swirling in its body.


This is a mild aroma defined by staple spices and a fairly strong hops base. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove seem to be present. I also getĀ a tad of sweetness on top of the earthy hop notes. Mild notes of fresh pumpkin tickle the nose. Together, however, these make for a slightly metallic tone at the nose.


This continues to be a spiced ale for sure. I get notes of nutmeg and clove with a hint of cinnamon up front. Washing in and out of the spice profile is a vegetal pumpkin. These all lay on top of a grassy hops character. As I transition, the foundation shifts to involve more of the malt aspect. A slight sweetness helps balance its structure. It finishes with a strong kick of spices and an increased level of sweetness. Still the aftertaste leaves the palate somewhat dry and with a gourd and pine residue.


This is a medium-bodied beer with mild carbonation. It’s got a fairly wet feel to it with only a minor texture being provided by the spices and carbonation combination. At least it’s quite drinkable.


Considering this is marketed mostly as a spiced ale, it does what it set out to do. It’s fairly balanced, not overly complex and provides a sound enough spicedĀ flavor to keep me satisfied. It’s hops driven character is actually quite refreshing, but the lack of natural pumpkin at times leaves me wanting more. Though it’s not pushing the pumpkin forward it’s still a solid beer. The foundation is refreshing and frankly my favorite part. It’s definitely a popular one here in Massachusetts so they’re doing something right year after year!