Howe Sound Brewing Company


This pours a crystal clear, reddish brown color and produces almost two fingers of frothy, beige head. Moderate lacing begins to form and a mild amount of sediment suspends itself in the body.


At the nose I find notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and light ginger and anise. There’s faint notes of pumpkin and caramel that seem to wade on top of the base. Notes of earthy hops match the toasty malt.


The front is made up mostly spices. These follow the nose with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and anise. They work together to bring forth a nice, sweet pumpkin flavor that is more autumnal in character than the average winter-like graham cracker personality. As I transition, the foundation really begins to shine. Sweet caramel malt saturates the palate and enhances the roasted pumpkin flavor, while a slightly bitter hops does well to ground the experience. The finish produces a strong sensation of cinnamon, anise, malt and late-season pumpkin flavor.


This is a medium-bodied beer with mild carbonation. It’s a viscous feel that is smooth overall, and easy going down. The palate is provided some stickiness and then left a bit dry.


First and foremost, the 1L swing top bottle rocks. They still are the only pumpkin beers I know that come this way. This is a solid pumpkin beer all around. It’s foundation lifts weight while staying quite balanced, and the spice profile is never a hinderance. They supplement the roasted pumpkin flavor and do well to match the base. It’s balanced, fairly complex and if feels good. Though the anise adds extra interest, there’s nothing super distinct about the experience. It’s fairly linear. Nevertheless, it’s quite a drinkable option, particularly at 8.0%.