Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Brooklyn Brewery


This pours a clear, copper color and showcases a tornado of moderate activity in its body. It pumps two fingers of white head to the surface, which eventually settles to a minor surface coat and light lacing.


The aroma is a solid mix of malt and hops, providing a metallic pumpkin smell. It’s a bit sharp and grassy but if you search well enough you’ll find a rich spike of sugar underneath. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice seem to be the primary spices tingling the nose and enhancing a nice pumpkin smell.


The palate is greeted by a grassy, brighter taste which acts as a foundation for its spice profile. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice create a base for a mild pumpkin sensation, which continues to build from front to back. The back provides an earthy and somewhat musty pumpkin character, which seemingly struggles to find its malt counterpart…until the finish. The finish partially makes up for an otherwise yeasty experience by providing a quick boost in malt sweetness and a heightened sense of natural pumpkin flavor. At the least, its taste is focused on the beer rather than trying to mimic a pumpkin pie flavor, which is admirable because it’s different.


This has a really nice body and houses a moderate amount of carbonation. Its bitterness makes for some nice texture but also leaves the palate fairly dry.


The most enjoyable part of this option is the fact that it doesn’t resort to mimicking liquid pumpkin pie. It’s a bit ironic considering that’s precisely what I, and many, enjoy most about pumpkin beer. However the complexity and elegance of Brooklyn’s Post Road is admirable. It’s clean, crisp, and one of the more earthy options each year. The foundation of this beer overshadows the pumpkin character, but there’s certainly nothing to complain about otherwise. It might not be the best pumpkin flavor, but it’s otherwise a real solid beer all around.