Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Brooklyn Brewery


This pours a perfectly clear, golden color that showcases bright yellow hues under good light. It produces at least a finger of foamy, white head. There’s also mild lacing and moderate carbonation that helps with its pristine look. This is one great looking beer.


The nose is greeted with a rich, sweet pumpkin pie smell. There’s toasted malts and bready yeast that together produce a nice base aroma. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove seem to be the primary spices. It’s leaning on the brighter side but overall smells as though it’s going to provide a great pumpkin flavor.


The front is settled on the malt profile and delivers the majority of the total sweetness (which isn’t an extravagant amount by any means). Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove all quickly take the stage in concocting a pumpkin flavor. As I transition to the back, the sweetness of the base quickly escapes the palate leaving a void that is filled by pleasant, floral hops in no time. The back does get a little bitter and the finish fails to reintroduce a sweetness that might have helped retain the pumpkin flavor the nose had alluded to. It’s a bit bready, decently complex and has an okay balance. If anything, I was hoping for just a bit more emphasis on the pumpkin. Nevertheless, it’s fresh tasting all around.


This has a lighter body that houses some surprisingly aggressive carbonation. It’s bitterness mixed with the carbonation makes for a mild texture. It leaves the palate fairly dry but in no way unhappy.


There’s no real reason not to partake in this year’s Post Road. It doesn’t do anything wrong and it at least provides a satisfactory experience. What it does do well is provide a clean and crisp take on a hops-driven pumpkin option. That said, I do wish there was more of a sweetness to it. The pumpkin flavor is done well but tends to be hidden behind the beer’s base characteristics. I don’t say this often, because most depend on a sweet pumpkin pie flavor but…I would have liked a little more “sugary sweetness.” In the end, it’s a good beer. It’s not the best pumpkin beer but I’d suggest having it if it’s available.