Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin (1 year)

Uinta Brewing Company


This pours a cloudy, red amber color and produces over a finger of beige head. The retention is good and heavy lacing shows itself around the glass. The head reduces to a light frosting across the surface


Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice tickle the nose. The nutmeg is especially strong. Underneath these are notes of vegetal pumpkin squash. It’s a bit dirty and rooty – a fresh, natural smell. The foundation seems to give off minor sweetness and more earthy qualities.


The roundedness of this one is grand. Up front I’m greeted by a malt-driven base. It exudes a sweetness that meshes well with all the added spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice all followed the nose, however I also find a rich vanilla and pumpkin flavor meandering in an out of the spices. As I transition, the spices begin to melt into a boozy character. The 13.1% shows its face but does well to retain a balanced act. Strong notes of oak, cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin kick around well into the finish. The hops character also evens out the sweetness found up front. The finish is much the same, with a lingering flavor of oak, booze and spicy pumpkin left on the palate.


This is a medium-bodied beer with mild carbonation. It’s smooth, velvety and warm thanks to a combination of even hops and malt, as well as strong spicing and hefty alcohol. The barrel aged aspect certainly provides an enjoyable and drinkable experience, particularly one year later.


Yet again the Oak Jacked option from Uinta is a home run. It’s got a fantastic balance that I have to assume was only enhanced over a year of aging. Its complexity is solid and its oak character delivers both a super smooth booze and a rich flavor of aged pumpkin. It’s crisp and clean tasting even a year later. If anything I would have expected a slightly more dynamic movement from front to back but again, with age, there’s nothing to truly complain about in terms of balance. The spices get a bit strong at times and can leave me questioning the pumpkin additive but it still tastes great. Pick one up if you can…regardless if it’s this year’s batch.