Jack-O Traveler Shandy

Traveler Beer Company


This pours a clear, burnt orange color and provides a hefty amount of fizz. The head is frothy white and nearly a finger in size, but it dissipates quite quickly.


The aroma is filled with sweet cinnamon, pumpkin spice, lemongrass, and citrus. The lemon and pumpkin scents mesh fairly well, coordinating what you’d expect out of a pumpkin shandy.


Again, this is precisely what you’d imagine out of a shandy. The lemon zest is strong and the pumpkin spice profile builds from front to back. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar gradually make their way across the palate and continue to linger into the aftertaste. The lemon is consistently strong through the entire experience and is certainly the defining ingredient. Though it’s a citrusy concoction, its sweetness isn’t overwhelming, which is a nice, subtle change from years past. It’s a light, malty mix that does a good job of capturing a hint of fall season flavor while still retaining a summer sensation.


Moderate carbonation and an active surface coat keep the zesty spice profile playing on the palate the entire time. It’s smooth, very drinkable, and satisfies the feeling of late summer.


Jack-O has always done a fine job of transitioning us into the fall season. It’s marketed as a shandy, and on that front it certainly delivers. Its pumpkin flavor seems to be built on spice rather than natural pumpkin, but regardless, the lemongrass infusion takes the spotlight. Therefore it’s not the best portrayal of a fall pumpkin beer, but it fits the time of year and will provide a perfectly pleasant experience for those who want a lighter introduction to the coming onslaught of malty pumpkin ale.