Funk’n Patch

Uinta Brewing Company


This pours a nice dark copper color and produces an easy two fingers of fluffy white head. Its retention is decent and its body is mostly clear. There’s a tiny bit of lacing surrounding a swampy surface coat.


The aroma is almost completely composed of the noted Brettanomyces aspect. It’s funky smelling. This yeasty bouquet muddles the pumpkin and spices. I find faint notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. It smells slightly tart as well. I’m curious at the lack of pumpkin notes.


The front is defined mostly by the funky flavor of the farmhouse Brettanomyces. This sits on top of an equal balance of toasted malt and bitter hops. It’s lightly tart and seemingly absent of pumpkin until I reach the back. It’s here where the pumpkin and spices begin to surface. I find nutmeg, brown sugar and some caramel flavor from the base. None of these are strong – I had to look for them – but combined make for a leveling sweetness to the experience. The pumpkin graciously leads the palate into the finish where I experience a final influx of pumpkin, spice and funk. It’s a pretty dynamic experience and the finish is the best part.


This is a medium-bodied beer with mild carbonation. It’s silky, wet and goes down very easily. There’s very little texture and the palate is left somewhat dry in the end.


I have to admit I was skeptical at first. However, this one delivers a nice, alternative pumpkin experience. The Brettanomyces aspect really adds a uniqueness to the obvious pumpkin flavor, and the experience’s transitions make for an engaging relationship with the palate. It’s a complex option with solid balance. It also provides a surprising amount of pumpkin that tastes crisp and fresh. If you want a yeasty, funky option to add to your arsenal, this one is definitely worth purchasing.