Fresh Patch

Wormtown Brewery


This pours a golden yellow color and produces a finger of frothy, white head. It dissipates to a barely active surface coat and shows no signs of lacing to come. It’s body is nearly clear and there’s very little activity showcased.


The nose is greeted by usual suspects – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, and perhaps a brown sugar that provides the light graham cracker smell. There’s a mild pumpkin note that seems to be on the brighter side. It’s more of a grassy aroma, unlike many of the sugary, sweet smelling options out there.


The taste is slow to engage. The front is mostly defined by its foundation, one made of a decent mix of herbal hops and a toasted, bready malt character. After a noticeable delay, the spices only begin to kick in the transition to the back. These follow the nose with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger all present. The ginger is particularly strong and meshes finely with the zesty half of its base. The back also highlights a bright, but dynamic, pumpkin flavor. It finishes with a zesty pumpkin sensation and provides little interest in the aftertaste beyond some ginger and pumpkin.


This is a light-to-medium bodied beer with very little texture. There’s no real pronounced carbonation, and the ginger and spices provide the majority of interest. It tastes like a “lite” beer infused with pumpkin spice, or perhaps a solid pilsner feel, if we’re being generous. That said, its drinkability is legitimately great. At 4.5% and its watery feel, these will be flowing all night if you aren’t careful.


This is merely a refreshing, light-weight pumpkin option that doesn’t deliver an overly dynamic or complex experience, but does provide an one that is repeatable and inviting to those who aren’t sincerely interested in pumpkin beers. While some might recommend Pumpkinhead, for example, to a super casual pumpkin beer drinker, I’d recommend this one instead. It doesn’t rely on spices nor any extra ingredient. It’s foundation is sound and nothing robust. Its balance is good but doesn’t have much to balance anyway. It’s just a drinkable, run-of-the-mill option that injects just enough pumpkin into the palate to satisfy the occasional interest in the fall season’s pumpkin options, without trying to hard.