Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Coors Brewing Company


This pours a rich orange color and produces a finger of white, bubbly head. This dissipates to a minor surface coat within a minute, and then to nothing after a couple minutes. I’m left with a beautifully clear body and no lacing whatsoever.


There’s a strong, sweet malt aroma at the nose. It’s defined by heavy notes of caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. This makes for a decent pumpkin undertone.


I’m greeted by a muddled mix of pumpkin spices and a heavy malt presence. The caramel flavor is strong and acts as a foundation for cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. There’s a faint hint of clove as well. The back produces more hops to equal out the malty front, and it finishes with a toasty reminder of the spices it began with. Pumpkin is present the entire time but there’s no clear indication of its purity.


This is a medium-bodied option that produces mild carbonation. It’s crisp and smooth, and leaves the palate wet in the end. It feels much like I expect any Coors beer to feel. Watery, crisp, and very little friction.


This provided the experience I expected. It’s a refreshing but average pumpkin beer that isn’t overly complex and relies on its drinkability – much like Coors does. That said, the pumpkin spices do make for an experience I can’t complain about. Perhaps with a new label comes a new recipe. I’ve had this one before, but believe it or not I didn’t review it last year. I’d say this is an improvement from what I remember. I’m excited to see this one continue to evolve.