Autumn Blaze

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company


This pours a pretty amber color and produces a full finger or more of white, bubbly head. This takes its time simmering down, while the body showcases a strong carbonation to drive the surface coat.


This is a pretty straight-forward aroma, consisting of a spice bill made up of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice. It has a bit of an earthy, more bright smell to it. It’s vegetal, and faintly metallic. It’s also fairly mild.


Up front I’m greeted by a spice bill that follows the nose. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and especially clove are present. The clove is super pronounced and a bit overwhelming over time. Also present early on is a mild but bright pumpkin flavor. These aspects blend together and seep into a hops-forward base. The malt profile is there but the hoppy side is too strong, emphasized especially by the clove topping. The back is the final step in blending all the aspects of the experience, and I’m left with a vegetal, somewhat piney, somewhat bright flavor. The finish has a minor bite to it and the aftertaste provides more of the same mix of pumpkin, pine, and clove.


This is a medium-bodied beer with heavy carbonation. It’s got a solid granular texture to it that can sometimes come off a bit sharp. It isn’t a hinderance, however. It’s actually a nice facet to the experience.


I don’t find much changes with this option over the years. It’s always been a decent option that provides more of an earthy take on pumpkin ale. It’s certainly one that is defined by clove – which many don’t do. It’s decently balanced and provides enough pumpkin to satisfy the casual fan. It’s flavor is full and its body is enjoyable, which is applaudable even if they don’t provide an overly unique experience for the palate. This is a safe option if pinned with a select amount of choices.