Arcadia Brewing Company


This pours a golden yellow color and a finger of white head that dissipates quickly. It showcases a light haze broken up only by moderate carbonation. Its retention isn’t great and there’s no sign of lacing.


The aroma is defined almost entirely by a spice bill consisting of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and some strong clove. The mild foundational notes I get are bright and slightly earthy. Though it’s heavily spiced at the nose, it’s not unpleasant.


To my surprise I’m greeted first by the beer, not the spices. It’s got a lightly toasted malt aspect that seems less intense than the hops profile. The spice bill quickly begins to move into the forefront of the experience as I transition towards the back. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove are the most discernible, and there’s a mild but enjoyable pumpkin ingredient that meshes with the spices well. This pumpkin character comes as a surprise considering its absence in the aroma. The finish is a bit more bitter while the aftertaste reintroduces a light coat of sugar and continues to provide spices that lift the bright pumpkin character.


This is a lighter-bodied beer and provides moderate carbonation. It’s a watery texture all the way through and proves to be a very drinkable option. While there’s nothing to complain about, there’s nothing distinct about the feel either.


This option is pretty well-balanced but doesn’t prove to be complex or dynamic in any unique way. The brighter pumpkin flavor definitely saves the experience as the mouthfeel and the spice bill are nothing more than expected. It’s an option that is just intriguing enough to interest me in another but it’s not an option I’d go out of my way for if it weren’t available. I must mention this option at least brands itself as an ale with “added spices” which is true and appreciated.