Two things I’ve liked for a long time are the flavor of pumpkin and the taste of a good beer. Over the past five years, the unsurprising combination of pumpkin and beer has made a massive impact on our fall culture. Pumpkin beer is a result of a cultural obsession with a symbol and an explosion in the craft of brewing industry. Lucky for me, it’s produced some of my favorite drinks during my favorite time of year.

Three years ago I began writing down pumpkin beers I would discover and enjoy. In time people began to ask me for my recommendations. This became such a common question that I decided in 2013 to make a list of my favorite pumpkin beers that I could simply refer people to. This list turned into a Tumblr blog in 2014 and now, in 2015, I find myself supplying my take on pumpkin beers to thousands of readers by demand. Thanks to brewing communities like Reddit and BeerAdvocate, Bumpin’ Pumpkin Beer was born.

The goal of Bumpin’ Pumpkin Beer is to not only satisfy its original purpose of recommending pumpkin beers but to also exist as a continuous, growing resource for the discovery pumpkin beer. Through interviews, reviews, insights, and news, Bumpin’ Pumpkin Beer will continue to grow in more ways and provide content to those who continue to fall further in love with the season and its offerings.